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Piriápolis constitutes another important tourist destination in Uruguay, located in Maldonado District, one hour drive from Montevideo. Piriápolis is a combination of a city and resort. Though eclipsed by Punta del Este to some extent, it features relatively warm waters and spots to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Its population is 7.579 inhabitants and tourist activity is seasonal: the first one in March and the second in December. It also welcomes a host of European travelers. You will surely hear about the "Rambla de los Argentinos", a waterfront avenue named like this for the visitors that flock the local hotels. Piriápolis owns a significant tourist infrastructure as far as quality hotels are concerned. An active nightlife adds up to the good choices in this area.

For adrenaline-demanding adventure fans, there is the "Pan de Azúcar" (Sugar Bread) the country´s third highest summit, which rises 10 km outside the city. Piriápolis´ rocky formations may result an attractive thing to see, as it is the case of Punta Colorada for its majesty and glamour.

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