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Huaraz and it's mountain ranges

Most people with limited time to visit Peru overlook the fascinating charm of Huaraz and it's mountain ranges. However, for hiking and trekking fans this is the must destination in the whole of South America. In fact, you dont even need to be a fan of mountain trekking to enjoy this area, Huaraz is a unique destination in Peru; its high snow-capped summits, lagoons and green valleys will immediately mesmerize you and your camera's battery will take a punishment.

Compared to other places, Huaraz itself can not be counted among the most attractive towns, but it is the starting point to explore the region. During high season, the town is invaded by backpackers and this is the best time to walk around the streets and bars to get yourself a couple of travel partners and bits of useful information. Several of the local travel operators arrange excursions to the mountains and also rent some trekking gear, such as tents and rucksacks.

The "Cordilleras" (mountain ranges)

Huascarán National Park

Huaraz is located in the valley of Santa River, surrounded by two imposing mountain ranges: the White Range, dotted with colorful snow-capped peaks and the Black Range. A route known as 'the alley of Huaylas', traverses the valley and leads you to the most important treks and most attractive views.

The White Range is by far the most popular, for it features a number of treks, from easy 1-day walks to those that last longer and demand a stronger physical condition and proper gear. The Huascarán National Park lies within the White Range, which features the namesake mountain, found at 6,768m not only the highest summit in Peru, but the highest along the tropics. The walk of Santa Cruz is no doubt the most attractive within the White Range, though it could be a bit packed in high season.

The Huayhuash Mountain Range to the south of Huaraz, is the second most visited destination. Here lies Yerupajá, the second highest mountain in Peru at 6,634m. The trek of Huayhuash is not as explored as that of the White Range, but it is surely an excellent choice with breath-taking views.

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Lake in Huaraz

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