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Have you ever thought of swimming next to giant turtles, sea lions, iguanas and schools of colorful tropical fish and harmless sharks? Or perhaps walking close to active volcanoes, barren lands and high cliffs, crossing endless ivory-colored sand beaches or lava tunnels? Galapagos Islands are there to make you live a real challenge to your imagination and experience all of this.

For a long time, they have been a center of attraction; they have fascinated pirates, biologists, tourists, intellectuals, famous people and intrepid travelers in equal measure. The place's exotic nature captured Charles Darwin's intellectual curiosity and inspired its remarkable theory on the evolution of species. These enchanted islands evolved in isolation from the continental mass, which favored the survival and evolution of unique species.

Just one hour flight from Guayaquil, these islands have already been declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World because of the great diversity of habitats and species. The six main islands, surrounded by twelve smaller ones and nearly forty islets, treasure the only place in the planet to dive without the fear of being attacked by any of the marine species.

This place constitutes a unique destination for the extraordinary diversity of animal and plant species, together with the opportunity to do a great deal of activities that may combine land and sea exploration. There are about 60 sites for different tours: trekking, riding, kayaking, diving, surfing, snorkeling, bird watching, cycling; either affordable or super-luxury excursions.

Both sports and touristic activities are available to be arranged with a host of local operators, plus excellent accommodation facilities, internet access and souvenirs shops.  Lots of different itineraries have been designed for diving fans. These are just a few of the recommended places to go: from Puerto Ayora, on Santa Cruz Island, boats can be hired to ride around the different areas on the islands.

If your time is limited, we recommend the northern islands where wild life is far more interesting and diverse. On Isabela Island, the largest of them all, raises the world's second biggest volcanic crater: Sierra Negra. If you have the chance to hop onto a cruise ship, you may spot the planet's only non-flying cormorant. From Puerto Villamil, you may visit a penguin colony. Bartolomé Island offers the best panoramic view from atop a 600m-high summit that will surely make you think you are in Mars. In contrast to the rest of the islands, the tiny Mosquera islet is completely flat, ideal to stroll along the beach and be closer to the animal world, more restricted on other islands. Other attractive spots are Rábida, remarkable for its red sands and sea lion herds strewn along the shore; and Plazas golden beaches.

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A Marine iguana in Galapagos Islands
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