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There is a region in Colombia where everything adopts the reddish color of coffee beans.  This is a zone amid the Andes that comprises of the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío, Valle del Cauca and Antioquia. It is known for its large coffee production and reffered to as the 'Coffee Axis'.

The quality of coffee here is unique. The climate and soil are largely responsible for this, as well as the dedication of the local farmers' to quality. It would be a sin to leave without tasting the coffee here and it would be a deeper experience if you have the opportunity to come to this region. It is indeed a unique world, with its own traditions, peculiar means of transport and even its own specific language.          

Eco and rural tourism are on top of the agenda in this area. Some of the old coffee farms have been transformed into comfortable accommodation, the best places ever to experience tradition and taste the local home cooking.          

The parks offer a way to get to know the Coffee Routes. The best known are the Agricultural National Park and the Coffee National Park. In the Coffee Culture Museum they show every detail of the intense agricultural labor which became a way of living for the farmers. The local Zoos in Panaca and Matecaña present the opportunity to view the region's wildlife.                   

Relaxing moments will appear with the mountain sunsets anda dip in  the thermal waters of Santa Rosa de Cabal.

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