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The city of Cobija

Natural conditions within the Department of Pando, in northern Bolivia, not only favor a diversity of crops, such as cocoa, maize, rice, coffee, fruits and tubers, but also it is a region famous for its fishing and hunting reserves.

Everything here starts in Cobija, the region's capital. There is nothing more energetic than the exquisite dishes of the local cuisine to be able to fully explore this village-looking city. The main square offers a sweeping panoramic view of the vast and softly rugged flatlands around the place, plus the chance to admire the architecture of its chief public buildings: Town Hall, post office and Social Club

All around, a vast flat territory expands beyond view, traversed by the rivers of the Amazon basin. Acre, Madre de Dios, Mapiri, Orthon, Buyumanu and Genechiquia, are some of the places that pump life into this region. The ultimate outcome is none other than a wealth of fauna and flora, the pride of this zone. Rivers and lagoons will give you the best fishing opportunities. Bay Lake, Las Cachuelas and the Tahuananu River's lagoons are the major fishing spots, while Monte Alto (High Mount) promises great adventures and fabulous hunting.

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