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Places like Our Lady of Peace Church (Nuestra Señora de la Paz), an attractive wooden and brick construction, may call for a short stop along the way, or the History Museum, located on De Metz and Niza Streets, open Thursday to Sunday from 5pm-8pm. At the "Centro Hípico" equitation lessons can be arranged and some interesting guided rides are organized along the dunes and beaches. Many tournaments take place at the Golf Club, not to forget the remarkable Club House, confectioner´s shop and restaurant.

The beach and the ocean allow for wonderful kite-surfing and surfing. There are specific spots along the coast of Pinamar to ride the biggest and strongest waves. The Inns offer the possibility to combine sports, sun and beach amid spectacular dunes.                          

Bunge Ave. runs along near downtown and the sea, flanked by ancient eucalyptus trees which uphold most of the dwellings built by their first inhabitants. The winding streets lead to a neighborhood whose architecture largely features pointed tiled roofs and the very first local hotel and water tank.

The beautiful residential area is to be found further ahead on Bunge Ave., featuring several green spots and hills close to the Old Golf Course and its sophisticated shopping mall amid pine groves and sumptuous buildings

A number of fishing areas exist along the wide beaches and the piers located on Avenida del Mar and Eolo. The catch is always good and it differs from summer to winter.                   

Some other towns such as Ostende, Valeria del Mar and further south Cariló lie in the vicinity of Pinamar, also with good beaches, familiar ambiance and great natural scenery. Their shopping malls intermingle with the abundance of trees, creating a special atmosphere around restaurants, tea houses and crafts fairs.

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