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Acapulco, 'The Pacific Pearl', is an authentic paradise combining an agitated city life with pleasure and fun at one of the best beaches in the world. Acapulco never sleeps. It traps you, drags you to amazing places and endless parties. 

Located in the State of Guerrero, it is among Mexico´s and the world´s most important tourist destination. It counts on a wide hotel infrastructure and countless music venues which makes its night life into one of the most famous in the globe. Real fun spins 24 hours a day.

Acapulco overlooks the charming Santa Lucia Bay, for many people the world´s most beautiful bay. The city consists of three main areas: the traditional or old town; the golden and the diamond zone. Water sports are available along the several turquoise-colored beaches, such as Condesa with high waves; Caleta Beach, a bit calmer than the first or Roqueta, excellent spot for diving. Some other activities are also possible: windsurf, jet sky, paragliding, bungee jumping and even flying by aerostatic balloon.

La Quebrada cliff in the vicinity crawls with most famous divers from Acapulco. The sunsets at Pie de la Cuesta are not to be missed as it is the exquisite food in Barra Vieja.

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Bungee jumping in Acapulco

Acapulco Attractions

Roqueta Beach

Located on Roqueta Island, right across from Caleta and Caletilla Beaches, is easily accessible by boat. Its calm and transparent waters make it an ideal diving spot. The island is in itself a natural reserve and owns a lighthouse and a zoo.


Caleta and Caletilla Beaches

These are probably Acapulco?s most popular beaches for their location near downtown and calm waters, which also favored fantastic diving. The local Magic Underwater World Amusement Park exhibits exotic fish, sea lions, crocodiles and several other species, plus an Oceanographic Museum and a facility with pool and restaurant. The boats to Roqueta Island depart from here.


Puerto Marqués Beach

Rumor has it that this beach was a pirates? hideout. It is still beautiful these days and among the favorites in Acapulco for its excellent seafood choices. Diving and Jet Ski are also available.


Icacos Beach

This beach, one of the longest in Acapulco, is located along the hotel area. It is by far the best place for water sports like Jet Ski and the fun banana. The Children?s International Center shows dolphins and sea lions, plus swimming pools, toboggans and a mini aquarium.


Pie de la Cuesta Beach

This is the place to go if in search of a beach with stronger and bigger waves. Pie de la Cuesta, 10 km away from Acapulco, is another great spot to taste some excellent seafood or take an excursion to neighboring Coyuca Lagoon.


Revolcadero Beach

This beach is not precisely among the best swimming spots, but it is highly popular for surfers because of its big waves. However, it is possible to take a nice ride on horseback or do some jet skiing.


Condesa Beach

A popular beach of the golden zone, it offers a good chance for water-sports: ski, snorkel, windsurf or sail. But the chief attraction is Bungee jumping, a 50-m free fall jump, pure adrenaline!!! There are several hotels and restaurants here.


Tamarindo, Hornos and Hornitos Beaches

These are basically calm-water beaches for perfect swimming and water sports.


Barra Vieja Beach

Ideal for horse riding for it is the meeting point of the Papagayo River and Tres Palos lagoon. It is also renowned for its fish.


La Quebrada

This is a place regularly shown on TV; it is where Acapulco's free divers jump from a 35-m high cliff. It is a real startling and admiring performance. The place lies close to downtown, accessible through Caleta Beach.

La Quebrada, Acapulco
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