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Iguana in Belize

Belize has everything eco-tourists may be looking for. Regardless of the beach area, the rest of the territory is a magic world of tropical jungle and mountains. Jaguars, armadillos, pumas, tapirs, ocelots and crocs are the kings in this natural universe. Trekking on green trails, swimming, bird-watching and canoeing are some of the available options in these lands.                   

Snaking rivers that traverse the country and flow beyond the borders can be compared to water trails on which to live canoe adventures, rafting and other top experiences. Some of these rivers submerge into underground caves, havens for any explorer's soul. A whole network of trails have been created on firm ground for trekking, horse riding and biking. Tropical flowers, among them 250 orchid species, and over 500 bird species will be there every step of the way.                 

The Blue Hole National Park's 1000 ha at the foot of the Mayan Mountains, are the shelter for the region's wildlife. The famous Blue Hole was born there as a result of the collapse of a cave system. The Conservation Area and The Bravo River Administration, next to Belize's Orange Walk, preserve wildlife of a large forest and hide enigmatic Mayan ruins

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