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The colonial city Zacatecas

Zacatecas is an amazing colonial city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its great cultural background and well preserved American baroque architecture.

Mining made this place boom during the colonial era. This paid for the buildings we admire there today. Nowadays, the local history can be replayed at 'El Edén', a mine where visitors can take a 600-m train ride. The town is rather pleasant to stroll around and closely observe its picturesque streets and mansions, or visit some of its historical buildings. There is magnificent cathedral with majestic facade which was a former Franciscan Convent. The cable car ride up to 'Cerro de la Bufa' is a fantastic experience. There is a unique view of the city from the top.. Museums are highly recommended, especially Rafael Coronel Museum which treasures the best collection of pre-Hispanic masks.

Zacatecas also played a major role during the 1910 revolution, when Pancho Villa and his army captured the city in fierce battle against Victoriano Huertas troops. This secured a major foothold and the regions mineral wealth for the financial support of the revolution. These days Pancho Villa's statue stands tall on Cerro de la Bufa.


Zacatecas's Cathedral


Despite that its construction began during the 18th century, it was actually finished in the early 1900s. Its magnificent baroque facade catches the eye and the interior contains the image of Our Lady of Zacatecas and the remains of the martyr San Mateo Correa.



 Santo Domingo de Guzmán

This church originally belonged to the Jesuits, but after being expelled from the Americas in the late 18th century, it was overtaken by the Dominicans. The three interior naves feature baroque altarpieces carved by Ureña and Castañeda.

Francisco Gotilla

A French-styled building that shows several paintings by outstanding local artists like Rafael and Pedro Coronel, Manuel Felguérez, Julio Ruelas and Goitia.

Pedro Coronel

A former 18th-century Jesuit college named San Luis Gonzaga. It treasures a number of masterpieces from the pre-Hispanic days and other corners of the world like Rome and Greece. An excellent collection of masks from different civilizations, plus paintings by Picasso and Miró complete the amazing exhibit.

Rafael Coronel

Located inside the former Franciscan Convent, it owns a beautiful collection of masks, utensils and tools from pre-Hispanic civilizations, plus a collection of drawings by Diego Rivera.

Cable Car Cerro del Grillo

Daily from 10am - 6pm.Admission fee: US$ 1.80 Adults / US$ 0.80 Children and seniors
Built in 1979, this peculiar ride goes form Cerro del Grillo to Cerro de la Bufa and allows for wonderful city views from 85 meters high.

El Edén

Though inactive these days, El Eden was mined from the 15th century to the 1960s. Now, it offers an entertaining train ride into the bowels of the earth. There is also a disco inside the mine.

Cerro de la Bufa

This hill was the stage of a pivotal battle in Mexican history: the capture of Zacatecas led by Pancho Villa and his army. This is all represented in statues around the square. Cable car is the only means of access.

La Quemada or Chicomoztoc

Daily from 10am - 6:30pm
Though the ethnic origins of this settlement remain unknown, it is worth it to explore its ruins. They are located 50 km from Zacatecas. It shows some magnificent stone buildings, such as the Salon Columns, the Ball Game, the Citadel, the pyramid and the palace

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