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Monte Alban, an important archeological site of Oxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez is undoubtely one of the key destinations to get to know typical Mexican food. If you are keen to taste the famous "tamales", "moles and quesillo" or the "mezcal", traditional local drink made from the agave cactus, you should definitely pay a visit to Oaxaca.

Nestled in the southern section of the country in a area filled with vallys, this city will also draw your attention with its colonial architectonic wealth. In its Old Town, declared an UNESCO´s World Heritage site, you will have the chance to admire the glamour of its buildings: the Cathedral, with its barroque-styled façade, also hosts the remains of the legendary "Cross of Huatulco", the Basilica of Solitude, dedicated to the Virgin of  Solitude. Santo Domingo de Guzmán Convent is another must in this place. Its fascinating barroque façade and interior reflect the imprint of the Dominicans in this city. Another building not to miss is Macedonio Alcalá Theater, with a long history of uses, such as a circus, boxing ring, cinema and venue for anti-government protests, is nowadays a prestigious theater hosting several international performances.

Crafts are also counted among Oaxaca´s chief attractions. There are two large craft markets in the city: "Benito Juárez" and "20 de Noviembre", which exhibit the skillful works of every region in Oaxaca. The wide range of products lies in the existence of some 16 different ethnic groups and hundreds of towns with their own artistic traditions. The most representative are the colourful "alebrijes", wooden animal shapes and black clay objects, though the markets also offer items of ceramics, iron, knives and textiles.

Oaxaca is the starting point to explore important archeological sites such as Mitla and Monte Albán, together with several other attractions.

"Benito Juárez" National Park

This impressive 2 700-ha national park, 7 km away from the city, harbours the best corners of Oaxaca´s geography. Its mountainous landscape, features Cerro el Fortín, venue for the yearly celebrations of Guelaguetza´s dances. Nature lovers may immerse themselves in the wealth of numerous trees and orchid species, as well as its rich array of fauna, including coyotes, squirrels and porcupines.

The Tree of Tule

In Santa María del Tule, 12 km from Oaxaca, grows this gigantic and legendary tree over 2000 years old. The Zapotec legend goes that it was planted by Pechocha, a priest, in a sacred spot. It is estimated to be 40 m high and 42m in diameter, drawing thousands of people every year due to its striking size and colorful formations of its bark.

Trips by aerostatic

In a place called Tlacolula, 30 km from Oaxaca, you may take a tour in an aerostatic machine over the idyllic valleys of the region. This is a unique experience, definitely worth a try.


There are several alternatives for a good cycling itinerary in Oaxaca. The practise of downhill cycling is rather popular within "Benito Juárez" a National Park. Some other good laps can be done in Teotitlán del Valle, with sweeping views of the hills and in Hierve el Agua, an amazing spot teeming with falls of carbonated water.

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