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Guanajuato is a peculiar place. The beauty of its musical name, the joy of its people and its  magical streets would surely make anyone want to stay forever.

Guanajuato, the capital of the namesake state, is considered a university and bohemian city that treasures a great cultural and architectonic wealth. Back in the colonial days, it constituted a major mining town, especially rich in gold and silver. Its magnificent colonial mansions, plazas and churches in its old core were born during this time of prosperity; they have earned it the status of one of UNESCO´s World Heritage Sites. Some examples of lofty architecture are San Diego´s Temple and Our Lady of Guanajuato Basilica.

The city has picturesque streets and alleys, such as the Kiss Alley. No doubts, what is most remarkable in Guanajuato are its mysterious underground tunnels that traverse the city in its length and width.

Guanajuato appears as a culturally vibrant town and is known the world over for its Cervantes International Festival, which summons a host of outstanding artists. This is a good time to enjoy a great deal of one the most diverse cultural events as far as music, movies, theater and the famous "street performances" are concerned.

The city also has an array of interesting museums and art galleries. There are also theaters including the iconic Juárez Theater. Guanajuato has a significant tradition in crafts including handicraft masterpieces, gold and silver jewlery and its famous little birds.

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Guanajuato's craft markets

Main Attractions and Events

Alhóndiga de Granaditas

6 Mendizábal Street

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am 2pm 4pm and 6pm.

Sunday from 10am and 4pm

This is a historical building, refuge for defenders of the Spanish Crown during the Independence quest and someone nicknamed "El Pípila" bravely set one of the doors on fire during a battle while still inside. Today, it is Guanajuato´s Regional Museum.

The Kiss Alley

Juárez Ave. By the Plaza de los Ángeles

This is a small 70cm wide passage, a must for the romantic at heart. The alley shows a row of opposing balconies. A tragic story tells that two young lovers used to meet in hiding at these balconies, but were discovered by the girl´s father who ended up killing her. It is also believed that any couple that kisses on the passage´s third step will be in love forever.

Juárez Theater

Sopeña Street

This is a beautiful theater built in the late 19th century by the architect José Noriega. Its Roman-Doric styled portico features 8 muses and 2 bronze tigers. Its interior is highly enhanced by an art-nouveau styled salon and a majestic glass chandelier.

Monument to "El Pipila"

A huge marble statue that represents Juan José Martinez ("El Pípila"), with a fire torch in hand, in honor of his quest against Spanish supporters hidden inside Alhóndiga de Granaditas. The monument stands on a hill and commands a panoramic view of the city.

Our Lady of Guanajuato Basilica

7 Ponciano Aguilar Street

Daily from 7am and 8pm.

This is a late 18th-century baroque styled parochial building. Its interior harbors the wooden image of the Virgin of Lourdes. Its façade features a very peculiar bell tower.

San Diego de Alcántara Temple

Sopeña Street, corner on Alonso Street

Daily from 8am to 7pm

Built by the Franciscans, it is dotted with beautiful carvings. Its chief attraction is a marvelous collection of 18th century Mexican paintings. It was reconstructed after damage by several floods.

Museum of Mummies

Tepetapa Ave. Municipal Cemetery, Pueblo de Rocha

Daily from 9am to 6pm

The town´s cemetery was transferred to this site in 1861 and sometime afterwards two cadavers were discovered in a state of mummification. This rare occurrence is a result of the area´s particular topography and led to the exhumation of many of these mummies that make up the exhibit. Some of them still show the horror of being buried alive.

Juarez Theater, opened in 1903

Cervantes International Festival

During two weeks in October, the city turns into a great scene and enjoy the performances of hundreds of artists from every corner of the world. Dance, theater, music and movies gather together for this event. The festival was originally created as a tribute to Cervantes and the local university students organized outdoor theatrical performances. In time, it embraced more artistic manifestations until it was given a major boost and support since 1972.


Cervantes International Festival
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