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Venezuela's 916 000 km˛ surface harbor a lot more than rich oil beds, pretty Miss Universe contestants and soap operas. A trip to this country, located on the northern end of South America, bathed by the Caribbean waters, endowed with a mild climate and good-natured people, means a choice of 3.000 km of sandy beaches, endless flat lands, imposing mountains, wide rivers, sweeping desserts and lush jungle.

Perhaps not many people know that almost 16% of Venezuelan territory is covered by National Parks. There are also lots of other wonders, such as the world's highest and longest cable car up to Bolívar Peak (5.007 m; State of Mérida); the tallest waterfall on the planet, The Angel's Fall (980 m; Canaima, State of Bolívar); Maracaibo Lake, the largest in South America and the Orinoco River, the continent's third longest.

The most amazing experiences are all within reach of eachother in Venezuela, from eco- and adventure tourism to simply relaxing on pristine beaches. Venezuela is actually a destination to enjoy any time of year. The exotic taste of the food, the tropical sun and cultural display's, blend in extraordinary landscapes highlighted by the Angel's Falls, Mérida, Margarita Island, Los llanos, Morrocoy National Park, the Orinoco basin, the Great Savannah and the Los Roques Archipelago.

A two-day walk is all it takes to get to the final destination of Mount Roraima . Upon arrival at the foot of the stunning waterfall, the trip starts making more sense; it becomes a more palpable adventure.  As a sign of the magic that looms at the end of the trail, the Passage of Tears opens up as the only door to the ultimate goal, the cloudy domain of Mount Roraima. The Tepu aboriginal term for the mountain, is an invitation to a secret world ornamented with bizarre rocky formations, mysterious landscapes, natural pools, endemic species, meat-eating plants and delicate orchids. This ancient corner of the earth that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle for his novel "The Lost World", draws thousands of travelers every year; it is also one of Venezuela's greatest treasures.

By going deep into the Orinoco tropical jungle, you may run into a Makitare girl resting on a hammock next to her pet toucan. If you get to Maracaibo Lake, the sight of boats and houses built on wooden pillarsm over the water will help you understand why the European explorers baptized this place "Little Venice", that is, Venezuela.

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