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Aconcagua Mountain Travel Information

Trips to Aconcagua

Mendoza acts as the base for trips to Aconcagua whose summit is the highest in South America.

The Aconcagua Provincial Park occupies a 71.000 ha surface and hosts the majestic Aconcagua Summit. Topped with white snow it is situated 180 km from Mendoza city, its name stands for "Stone Sentinel". On-site rangers, shelters and mule rent are some of the available services to the visitors.                 

Several climbers crowd the slopes in summertime in their hope to conquer the challenging mountain. This is one of Argentina´s most imposing landscapes, complemented by the condor´s majestic flight, the sentinels of these impressive heights.  It is located on the northeastern end of the Mendoza Province, ever challenging and imposing, dressed in its perennial snow.  

The Park has a lookout allowing contemplation of the mountain in full view. Climbing the mountain requires permission, which should be previously requested upon ID presentation. It is recommended to stay in the area for a period of 25 days for the body to adjust to the climate and altitude with January and February being the best months for such an undertaking.  

Climbing can be done from the trail up the Horcones River, the most widely used by tourists, who are always amazed by the green-colored waters of the Horcones Lagoon, 80 m in diameter and incredibly shallow. Plaza de Mulas is the place to begin climbing, located further along. The Park´s rangers distribute information leaflets to all climbers. Services and qualified personnel are available for those who engage themselves in this adventure.                        

The ascend up the Aconcagua is a highly complicated task, not only because of its steep and snow-covered slopes, but also due to the lack of oxygen and air humidity, coupled with low pressure areas created by the winds which act as a hindrance to climbing.

The Las Cuevas community rests 14 km before the Park´s entrance. It showcases attractive architectonic design based on Nordic-styled constructions. Taking a right turn, the road leads to the International Tunnel that links Argentina and Chile. Close to this community, just 9 km from Las Cuevas, stands the Redemptive Christ, a 10m-tall statue that marks the boundary between the two countries.

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