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El Calafate & Perito Moreno Travel Information

Travel Perito Moreno, Patagonia

El Calafate lies in the province of Santa Cruz, deep into Argentina's south-western corner on the way to the majestic Perito Moreno. This is a touristic spot that specializes in cultural and sport tourism, plus offering the possibility of great adventure tours. Enjoyment and activities are available the whole year round. 

Visitors visit Perito Moreno from here, located within 'Los Glaciares' National Park. This is just one of the many glaciers in the area; some of the other beautiful glaciers include Upsala, the Spegazzini, the Onelli, the Agassiz and the Bolado. 

The Perito Moreno is a gigantic ice mass that attracts flocks of tourists and  was declared a World Natural Heritage site in 1981. Anyone who comes here will always remember the images and sounds of ice chunks breaking off and plunging into the water. 

A series of catwalks run along the rim of the Magellan's Peninsula, which allows visitors to closely observe the glacier from different perspectives. It has been labeled as the Eighth Wonder of the World; the ice's white immensity and the blue reflections are nothing but an extraordinary sight. The senses fill with noises, the crash of every chunk of ice falling into Argentino Lake, snatching cries of admiration and astonishment from every observer. 

Large flocks of flamingoes and swans, add color to the surroundings, and inhabit Nimez Lagoon. A short distance from there in Punta Walichu, the beauty of the landscape is complemented with ancient rock paintings. 

El Calafate offers plenty of options like excursions by 4x4, the best panoramic views while sneaking through the narrow and dense trails that lead to Balcón de El Calafate (lookout).  

'La Leona' Stone Forest, some 110 km away from El Calafate, preserves samples of Patagonia's ancient vegetation. Protected by the slopes of Los Hornos Hill, huge petrified tree trunks embody live natural history. Several remains of vertebrae and bones from possible pre-historic animals add great mystery to this attractive spot in the Patagonia. 

There is also the opportunity to experience interaction with the local Argentine life and culture by seeking home-stays conditioned for this purpose. They are selected not only for their comfort and hospitality, but also for the great regional culinary and folklore experiences they treasure. Partaking in activities and festivities is a way of getting involved in countryside living: riding, wild horse taming and cattle branding. All of these activities will not only contribute to the visitor's geographical knowledge, but also to a better understanding of the local traditions and way of life in southern Argentina. 

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Calafate & Perito Moreno, Patagonia Argentina
"Los Glaciares" National Park, Perito Moreno Patagonia
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