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Adventures in this tropical jungle

If as a child you enjoy impossibly-difficult mazes, the Orinoco Delta is the right place to go. It is not about getting lost along numerous canals, but taking in and experiencing all this tropical jungle has to offer.

The Orinoco is Venezuela's soul. It is one of the planet's widest rivers, complemented by a full spectrum of flora and fauna on its snaking course down to the Atlantic.


In june of the 2009, the Orinoco Delta, Venezuela's youngest geological area at just one million years old, has been added to the network of 544 biosphere reserves of UNESCO.

It takes a trip eastwards to reach the basin. While sailing, you will get to see many islands formed by the accumulation of sediments transported by the current in the course of the centuries or emanated from volcanic eruptions. Dark waters full of life, gigantic tree roots, Warao women wearing colorful necklaces, narrow and long canoes; all that and more in your basin adventure.

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The Orinoco is Venezuela's soul
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