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Aware of it own stunning landscape, the Great Savannah spreads itself majestically and wildly southwards, down to Brazil's border. Its magnificence put an end to the white man?s greed and became the shelter for legendary indigenous tribes, such as that of Pemón, a peaceful and hard-working people.

This is the territory occupied by the Canima National Park, home to the famous Angel's Fall. It consists in a wide plateau, carpeted by rocky, sandy soils and adorned by deep gorges where strips of jungle thrive. The main sight here is the ancient gigantic eroded mountains: the tepuyes.     


Roraima constitutes the highest summit, 2.800 meters above sea level, and the border limit with Brazil and Guyana. It rose up some 2 million years ago, during the Pre-cambric Period. Several waterfalls emerge from its summit, tributaries to the Orinoco, Essequibo and Amazonas Rivers.

The guided ascend to Mount Roraima is one of the recommended tours for intrepid explorers. It takes about 5 days, at the end of which you have the privilege to have known the summit's magic world.

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The Canima National Park, home to the famous Angel's Fall
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