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Morrocoy National Park Travel Information

Beaches and birds

Morrocoy National Park occupies 32.090 ha of the Sad Gulf

Located on Venezuela's northwestern corner, the Morrocoy National Park occupies 32.090 ha of the Sad Gulf.

It would seem that every landscape in this place looks the same, but again this destination will be a real surprise. The impressive mangrove forests add up to the large number of coral cays, formed by salt-tolerant trees that grow in low-lying areas close to the rivers basins 260 bird species exist here, which tells of an incomparable biological diversity, just to mention one example.  

Be ready to watch fishing eagles, flamingoes, herons, pelicans, Amazonas royal parrots, almost extinct turtle species, dolphins, bears, crabs and all kinds of fish.

You won't regret it if you choose Morrocoy's beaches: Cayo Sombrero, Playuela, Playuelita, Cayo Alemán, Mayorquina, Cayo de Pescadores, Mero, Punta Brava, Boca Paiclás, Boca Seca are just some of them. It is easy to get there; motor boats are always available to take you everywhere.

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Morrocoy's beaches
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