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Laguna Mucubaji of the Sierra Nevada National Park

Before finishing the quest of exploration around the stunning natural landscapes of Venezuela there is the chance to take the road that crosses the Andes from the flat lands down to the city of Santiago de los Caballeros de Mérida.

The sojourn in this urbanized corner, surrounded by beautiful mountains, will allow you to admire an impressive colonial town, full of plazas, a huge local market and loads of traditions.

While doing a city tour, don't miss the startling Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace, the Town Hall and the Seat of the Andean University (the country's second oldest). Bolívar, Heoinas and Beethoven Squares are other important landmarks in this city.

After shopping for crafts at the local market, "Coromoto" Ice-cream Parlor is a must with its 600-icecream-combination world record.

Goand discover "Chorros de Milla" Park Zoo, partake in the feats for the Sun's Fair and of course, ride the world's highest cable car up to Mirror Summit at 4.765 meters.

The main attraction of the Merida state (and partially Barinas) is the National park "Sierra Nevada". The area of 200 hectars includes mountain chains of La Sierra Nevada de Merida and La Siera de Santo Domingo. There are many rivers and lakes at the territory of the park and Mucubaji and La Canoa are the biggest ones.

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The world's highest cable car is in Merida
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