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Margarita Island, the largest in the Venezuelan Caribbean

Red, silver or white are the shades reflected by the sand on Venezuela's caribbean beaches. There are over 300 islands and islets to explore; the choice depends on different preferences: quiet or choppy waters, what kind of services available and a far-off, lonely spot or surrounded by people from many countries.

It may be difficult to choose at some point, but surely Margarita Island has its charms. No wonder, it was baptized as the Pearl of the Caribbean for its daydreaming surroundings. It is a part of the State of Nueva Sparta, together with the islands of Coche and Cubagua.  

Margarita Island, the largest in the Venezuelan Caribbean, is no doubts a paradise and a universe of its own. Regardless of the beaches, it has several other attractions: the history of its colonial settlements, two mountain ranges, natural monuments, a beautiful lagoon, picturesque valleys and important cities (La Asunción, Porlamar, Pampatar and Juan Griego).

Although La Asunción is the capital, the bulk of trading is done in Porlamar. The locals are numbered in almost 400.000 and about half of them are the tourists who visit the island during holidays. Water sports like surfing and diving are always part of the fun; you may also visit old Spanish forts, places like María Guevara's Boobs (Twin Mountains), or just swim in the warm sea. 

Bear in mind that Margarita Island if a duty-free zone, an advantage for all consumers.

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The 'Pearl of the Caribbean'
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