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Unique coral archipelago

Los Roques covers a 40-km² surface

'Los Roques' Archipelago within the Lesser Antilles, is surely one of those postcards that will make anyone drop his mouth open, unable to take in so much charm through the eyes.

It covers a 40-km² surface and the population is barely 1.800 inhabitants. It also constitutes a National Park, made up by a cluster of islets and coral cays, one of the Caribbean's greatest natural reserves.

Its atoll structure is unique in this part of the world, since it is typical for the Pacific. The area is highly protected against strong sea currents by 300 sandbars and coral reefs.

Among the 42 coral cays, here are some you can explore: El Gran Roque, Mamusquí, Cayo Francisqui, Cayo Nordisquí, Cayo Espenquí, Isla Larga, Cayo Carenero, Cayo Cuchillo, Cayo Ciempiés, Isla de Muerto and Cayo Grande. All of them ideal are for kayaking, boat or catamaran sailing.

Never expect to see any animals other than iguanas, lizards and migratory birds. The real and diverse fauna lives in the water in Los Roques. So by diving you will be able to observe some of the 280 species of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, sponges, sea urchins and stars, dolphins, whales, manta rays and turtles.


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