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The city of Punta del Este has plenty to offer: breath-taking natural scenery, sun and beaches. This destination lies on Uruguay´s southeastern region, nestled on a rather small peninsula, after which the city has been named.

Punta del Este features two main beaches: Playa Mansa (Still Beach) and Playa Brava (Rough Beach). As their names hint, the first one offers peace, quiet and still waters, for its currents come from the Río de la Plata. This make this beach look like a calm ocean with soft waves, ideal for relaxation in a harmonic and idyllic atmosphere. On the other hand, the second beach, whose currents originate in the Atlantic, presents itself as rather rough sea with strong waves and dynamic tide changes. This is nonetheless a recommended spot to go with the family, for kids to have fun while playing in the waves.

Punta del Este is located in the vicinity of Maldonado City, which hosts 122 hotels, 80 top-quality restaurants, an international airport and a marina that can hold up to 500 yachts. Nightlife here is very active with a wide choice of restaurants, bars and clubs. Thousands of visitors come to these beaches every year in search of fun and relaxation. The city features several good hotels and luxury resorts, such as Conrad Hotel, considered the most comfortable in Punta del Este: 5-star accommodation, excellent service, smart architecture and cultural performances of national and international renown.

There is also the Isla de Lobos (Wolves´ Island), some 8 km to the city´s southeast, a place to find the combination of great scenery, sun, beaches and entertainment.

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