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Montevideo is Uruguay´s capital, regarded as the most important city in Latin America for its privilege geographical location. A wide network of avenues, green areas, places devoted to entertainment, as well as several other surprising attractions are among its main offers for visitors. These places are distributed around downtown and the outskirts.

If you are one of those people who enjoy city tours and walks, the first important spot to visit is "Parque Rodó" Neighborhood, which owns a beautiful 25-ha park. Following the same line, there is "Batlle" Park several kilometers bigger than the former one. Here lies the stadium that hosted the first football world cup named "Estadio Centenario", together with the city´s cycling track. From the touristic viewpoint in respect to the green areas, El Cerro Neighborhood which harbors "Carlos Vaz Ferreira" Park is one of the recommended places to go. A common feature here is the combination of parks within the neighborhoods in comparison to other countries, where national parks are largely located outside the cities on the way to mountain ranges or other specific locations.

"Maroñas" Racetrack always welcomes all equitation fans. Several races are organized here. Among the most outstanding is the traditional race that grants "Ramírez" Prize, taking place every January 6th.

From the cultural point of view, Montevideo offers an interesting choice of museums. "Torres García" Museum, "José Gurvich" and the National Visual Arts Museum can be mentioned among the most remarkable. As in Buenos Aires, the Uruguayan capital is internationally considered the city of tango par excellence. It is important to point out in this sense, the presence of prominent artists who achieve popularity on the opposite shore of the Río de la Plata, such as Raúl Lavié, Cacho Castaña, Adriana Varela and Susana Rinaldi.

As a last recommendation, there are crafts-fairs for those interested in this kind of art, like the one in Tristán Narvaja, Villa Biarritz, La Teja and that in Parque Rodó, just to mention the most outstanding.

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