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Lighthouse in La Palama

The town of La Paloma (the Pigeon) appears as another offer in terms of beaches and resorts. It is located on the eastern section within the district of Rocha, 90 Km away from Punta del Este and 240 from Montevideo. It also borders with the town of Chuy, in the vicinity of the Brazilian territory. The origins of this place, founded on the Cabo (Cape) de Santa María, go back to 1874. One of its remarkable features, as in every single one of the Uruguayan regions, is surely its otherworldly scenery and idyllic beaches.

High tourist season basically covers the summer months (January - March), welcoming a number of visitors calculated in 30.000, which add to its steady population of 5 300 inhabitants.

The town´s name stemmed from its location on this cape (Santa María), a highly feared spot by all sailors due to the wide swath of rocks that surrounds it, which at the same time creates a white foamy image around it, similar to a pigeon´s shape.

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