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Another of Uruguay´s major tourist destinations is the city of Colonia del Sacramento, known around the country simply as Colonia. It serves as the capital for the namesake state, located on the southeastern intersection of the Uruguay and La Plata River. One of the outstanding features of Colonia is its main neighborhood, declared a World Historical Heritage in 1995 for the preservation of an astounding mix of architectural styles: Portuguese, Spanish and post-colonial. Its model building is the so-called "Muralla (Wall) de Colonia del Sacramento".

The destination´s cultural heritage is highly valued by international associations. Real de San Carlos, named after King Carlos III, is a site on the city´s outskirts which honors a local historical event: the time when Spanish troops laid siege to a Portuguese stronghold in 1761. There is also a rather representative chapel called "San Benito de Palermo", in honor of the first black saint of the Catholic Church. At present, these sites have undergone some changes and have also become residential areas where it is possible to find accommodation. White sand beaches are available in this area.

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