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The beach in Mancora

Imagine at the end of your day while dancing and enjoying a Dakari to the tunes of reggae, still enjoying the memory of having surfed all day at the best beach in Peru. Mancora is the best destination for beach lovers and surfers. Whether you want to spend a few days of complete relaxation or want to enjoy its excellent waves, Mancora will not disappoint.

Mancora is located on the north coast of Peru, a few thousand kilometers from Lima, and between the cities of Talara and Tumbes, on the Panamericana Norte. Its tropical and dry climate makes it a preferred destination for most of the year.

This small town of about ten thousand inhabitants is often inundated in the months from December to March with hundreds of Peruvian and foreign tourists, but does not lose its charm as a fishing village. Its 20 km of white sandy beaches and warm waters make this place a dream destination. It is also a good place to sample delicious seafood dishes of the north coast of Peru, such as the ceviche of a grouper. The townis  very well prepared for tourism, with  hotels and resorts ranging from first class establishments to the cheapest options for backpackers.
In high season, December to March, prices rise and may even double. Without a doubt, Mancora is the destination for the whole year, and bars and hotels will not close down in the low season.

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