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Ica is a gorgeous sunny city, located south of Paracas and 300 km from Lima, renowned for its Pisco and wine production in Peru.  It is possible to taste the local wines and the traditional Peruvian Pisco while touring around the wineries and cellars. It is amazing to see how the vineyards thrive in this area, thanks to the irrigation from the Ica River.

Ica also carries the legacy of the Paracas and Nazca cultures, skillful people with irrigation techniques and textiles. Ica´s Regional Museum display an impressive array of objects related to these civilazations, from majestic Paracas fabrics to Nazca vases. There is an exibit of mummies and perforated skulls, plus a model of the famous Nazca Lines.

Huacachina oasis rests 5 km from Ica, a true oasis amid a sandy landscape. This exotic tourist spot lies on top a lagoon surrounded by palm trees and was once the holiday center for the Peruvian elite. Today, it is the sought-after destination of hundreds of sandboarding and dune-buggy fans. At the end of the day, after pumping adrenaline around the dunes, get ready for the real fun in this oasis where sleep is not always an option of your stay at Huacachina.

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