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Guarany World and Artcrafts


The Guarany settlements stem originally from Paraguay. Before the Spanish conquest, they live in communities deep within the jungle in huge communal houses inhabited by entire families. They had a chieftain, property was collective and tasks were distributed according to gender: men devoted themselves to hunting, fishing and food-gathering, plus the community's protection; women were basically involved in agriculture, crafts and manufacturing.

They didn't build temples or worship any imagery, but were a people of intense religious drive. A full spectrum of gods, myths, funeral rites, sorcerers, the belief in the afterlife and the search for the evil-free world permeated their spiritual realm.

Before the arrival of the Jesuit missionaries, they wore hardly any clothes, but were kin on sporting tattoos, feathered garments and necklaces. Men also wore a wooden, stone or bone peg under the lower lip, while women had them in their ears.

The Spanish conquistadors and Jesuits influence changed the Guaraní. However, their language, folklore and crafts still survive. Crafts show an amazing and exquisite variety all along the country. Fine jewelry, tapestries, necklaces, textiles, baskets, hammocks, wood carvings, ceramics and many other products are world known for their quality and finish.

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