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Free trade

The most popular shopping spot in South America

Ciudad del Este is a place that deserves a chapter of its own: it is the most popular shopping spot in South America for its highly affordable prices and the long list of offers. Venturing into its complicated maze of alleys will get you involved in the dynamic pace of its commercial activities, similar to Miami's and Hong Kong's.

Alto Paraná District's capital can be accessed from several directions, but one of the liveliest is that from Brazil over the Friendship Bridge. Once there, surrounded by some 30 thousand buyers and another thousand salespeople who will constantly chase you, it is wise to start looking in shops and street stalls for electrical appliances, electronics, clothes, sports items, make-up products, perfumes and everything anyone can possibly imagine.

Just take some precautions before going there: do not wear jewelry, keep camera in a safe place; do not buy brands form street vendors, they are not originals; eat and drink only in proper places and carry money in a money-belt or envelope under your clothes.

When you are done with shopping, take advantage of the proximity to the Triple Frontier, the convergence spot for Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, for a short escapade. Don't miss the Itaipú Complex, the world's largest hydroelectric station, the waterfalls on the Monday River or simply spend the afternoon relaxing by Lake República, in Ciudad del Este's downtown

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