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At sunset on a hot day by the Paraná River, down in the heart of South America, within Guaraní dominions, someone caresses the strings of a harp and sweetly sings the verses of "Che symi porã" (My sweet mum). Far away, a huge river divides the country in two and at Asunción; it meets the red, white and blue colors of a flag fluttering in the wind, welcoming visitors who have come to discover Paraguay.

As one of those visitors, you should know that in the past, this country was a vital force in shaping present South America. It was formerly known as the Great Province of the West Indies and its capital, Asunción, was named the Mother of Cities, for it served as the stepping stone for the conquistadors to explore new horizons to expand the growing Spanish Empire of the New World. From the onset of colonizationm until today, Paraguay preserves important architecture of its main cities, towns and seven Jesuit Mission Ruins.

The test of time and events pushed today's Paraguay away from its outstanding role in the region. However, the entire territory still shows an adventurous drive. Go deep into its culture, a unique mixture of the Guaraní people and the Spanish legacy, together with its natural charm spread along the full length of the country: lakes Ypacairi and Ypoa, national parks, gracious hills, waterfalls, lush jungle and the beauty of the Paraguayan Chaco.     

In this little known destination and without the blessing of a coastline, there are in turn, 2.500 km of navigable rivers, wonderful tours on the Itaipú and Yacyretá dams, a peaceful, friendly and welcoming people, sports fishing trips and one of the world's best shopping.

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Paraguay`s capital, La Asuncion
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