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Who has not ever dreamed of a place by the sea, the sand heated by the sun all through the year and caressed by the soft-slapping waves? Who would not like to get a bit of rest and adventure together? Ecuador can easily make such a dream come true along its more than 2 790 km of coastline populated by fishermen, archeological sites, protected areas, natural parks, extensive beaches and colorful cliffs. This is known as the 'Route of the Sun' which begins at Villamil Beaches, moves on to Salinas, the chief resort on the Ecuadorian coast, and goes further to the north, up to the cities of Manta and Esmeraldas.

Wonderful climate throughout the year favors the practice of all sorts of sports: paragliding, parasailing, sail, diving, trekking and bird watching. Salinas features an excellent hotel infrastructure, good services and active nightlife. Ballenita, 20 minutes from here, is the right spot to get away from the loud city. Montañita, lying further up north, is one of the favorite havens for local and outside surfers because of the huge waves. Its popularity is further enhanced by its renowned nightlife. But the itinerary does not end here. There is plenty of other choices: Olón and Ayampe Beaches, the Salango's Archeological Museum, Puerto López Bay or Machalilla National Park.

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