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Kayaking around granada's Islas (val murray)

To gain a more intimate perspective of some of the 350 plus islets off the shore of Granada on Lake Nicaragua, cruise around them on a kayak. Guided tours are offered from a number of agencies in Granada and can vary in length of time between 2.5 hours and 4.5 hours. These tours are designed to get you where the motorboats cannot.   


Make sure that when you book, your tour provider has available life jackets and if your Spanish is a little rough, that your guide has a command of English. My guide, William Brenes, has lived amongst the isletas for nearly all of his life and he provided information on the animals and plants of the lake and islands. He was able show me things like a tree that bears only one ripened fruit every week making it impossible to sell in any market, and how to produce a beautiful flower from a green pod that one would otherwise walk past not knowing the secret that lay inside.     


Most of the islands are now for sale and William explained who owned some of the more luxurious ones. This included an island that was presented as a gift to the king of Spain as a token of appreciation for restoring the San Pablo fort which was constructed on an nearby island in 1784 to protect Granada from attackers.     


Tierra Tour offers the Kayaking tours at $25 for 2.5 hours or $35 for 4 hours which stops of at an island filled with monkeys and a restaurant for complementary drinks.      

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