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Otavalo market

Northbound just 2 hours drive from Quito on the Northern Pan-American Route, lays Otavalo. Be ready for a few stops along the way: Calderón and Guayallabamba, for you will surely be tempted by the famous dough shapes: the marzipans, and the otherworldly local fruits like the custard apple.

Upon arrival in Otavalo, head straight for the fair taking place on the main square, since it is one of the most outstanding and famous in the whole of Latin America. The locals have always been highly skillful weavers. The Fair goes full blast especially on Saturday. Numerous woven items are a real feast of colors in fierce competition to attract passers-by's attention. Wholly woven shirts, hats, hammocks, wallpapers and the well-known local ponchos, all of them export goods distributed around the world by the indigenous communities themselves. Teguche's families hand-woven articles, Cotacachi's leader goods and San Antonio de Ibarra's wooden carvings, are among the most renowned.

Otavalo is a place traditionally characterized by productivity and industriousness in a healthy natural environment. It is possible to take a north-eastbound walk from here to visit Peguches waterfall. Ibarra's fame lies in its wood carvings, baroque churches and the picturesque Yaguarcocha Lake to the north.

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Otavalo market
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