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Parots in a house in Cuenca

The town of Cuenca to the south, on the Ecuadorian Andes, takes you back in time to the colonial days. Its mixed architectonic identity combines southern Spain's architectural styles adapted to the construction materials used by the indigenous communities from the sierra. Its cobble-stone old town, declared a Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, was originally built over the foundations of an aboriginal settlement.

The flower, crafts and food markets group next to the cathedral, together with museums that preserve remains and items from millenary civilizations. Cuenca is known for its pleasant climate, its background mountain landscape and the great diversity of places to visit from there.

'Cajas' National Park, located just 30 km away from the capital, is definitely a place to go and admire the beauty of its lagoons (230 in total), the diversity of its flora and fauna, all supported by a proper infrastructure of information outposts, shelters, trails, lookouts and other facilities and services. 

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