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The imposing Amazonas River defines the features of Ecuador's entire eastern sector. The tropical jungle with its hot, wet and humid climate, treasures many a surprise, for it harbors the richest and most complex plant and animal habitats in the planet. It is also inhabited by numerous and diverse ethnic groups who have remained faithful to their habits and traditions for thousands of years.

Ecotourism is the option to go deeper into these stunning realities. It is in fact an invitation to visitors and foreigners to share with the natives the activities of everyday life in these communities. There are over 40 different community projects that offer the opportunity for this sort of trip: in Napo Province, Ricancie Project and other similar near the towns of Tena and Cotococha.

Exploring the fascinating jungle may be a greater attraction. In this case, we recommend places like Omaere Ethno-botanic Park and 'Hola Vida' Reserve, close to the city of Puyo. Other good places to try are Yasuní Park and Limoncocha Biological Reserve, both located in the northern Amazonia region. Rafting and kayaking are best near Tena, capital of Napo, due to the large concentration of rivers in this area.

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