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The Gold Museum in Bogota treasures a unique piece of art, by far the best example of Colombia's golden past. We are talking about the 'Muiscan's Raft', a solid gold figure, barely 19.5 cm long by 10.1 cm wide and 10.2 cm tall, which was found in a cave. It depicts a chieftain surrounded by other 12 masked characters, sailing on a raft. What does this impressive piece represent? The experts agree that it keeps the secret of the legendary, never-found city of El Dorado.                          

The Muiscan Raft is a genuine Colombian treasure, one of the most highly treasured vestiges of its pre-Hispanic era. It is on exhibit in the fore-mentioned museum, together with several other pieces. There is also a number of interesting archeological sites spread around the country, such as 'Tierradentro' and San Agustín Archeology Parks, Facatativá, Alto de los Ídolos, Alto de las Piedras, Calima Darién Archeology Museum and the Lost City in Santa Marta Mountain Range.                        

The Lost City lies 80 km from Santa Marta, on the shores of the Buritaca River. It was a settlement of the Tayrona Indians who built 169 terraces, canals, roads, sewage system, steps, religious temples and houses on the mountain slope. In San Agustín, Alto de las Piedras and Alto de los Ídolos, mysterious monoliths dominate the landscape. 'Tierradentro' reveals the funerary rites of the local civilization, together with exceptional human figures carved on volcanic rock. Facatativá's cave painting and the 2.500 museum pieces in Calima complete the unforgettable mystical journey.                                           

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