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The turquoise blue


Most people close their eyes to make sure they are enjoying something more deeply. However, it will be impossible to do so upon arrival to the cluster of islands in San Andrés and Providencia. Your eyes would prefer to stay open as much as possible to absorb every detail of the surroundings, never wanting to let it go.

Nestled on the Caribbean Sea, the archipelago presents a treasure trove of dreams in paradisiacal beaches, some practically untouched nature and the rich cultural traditions of its native population. It also shows long coral reefs teeming with sea turtles, multi-colored fish, forests and mangroves inhabited by over a hundred bird species.

There is a rather long list of attractions: the Blowing Hole on San Andrés Island, Morgan's Cave, 'Old Providence Mc Bean Lagoon' National Park, Big Pond lagoon, the islets of Johnny Cay, Cay Aquarium, Haynes Cay, Bolívar and Crab Cays and The Pick. Music and tasty cocktails will always keep you company on your trip.

San Andrés is the archipelago's largest island and is simply an amazing spot. Imagine lunch in a restaurant at the beach, tasty seafood and tropical drink against a background of turquoise-blue waters! In the evenings, experience a cool marine breeze, reggae and calypso playing softly, and a rum-and-coconut cocktail!

Lots of activities can be done in the mornings and afternoons: a tour on beautiful 'La Loma' lake, the wonderful diving, fishing and snorkeling, even the most relaxing sleep on the soft sand.

Diving San Andres

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Scuba diving in San Andres
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