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Medellin is Colombia's second most populated city and one of its top cultural cores. It is nestled within the Aburrá Valley on the Central Andes; an aerial view presents it as a colorful spread surrounded by high green hills.

Beyond its magnificent architecture, parks and museums, Medellin owes its fame to the cultural events celebrated here every year. The most important is the Fair of Flowers and its majestic Chair Parade (chairs made from flowers). There is also a host of other events: the International Poetry Festival, the International Tango Festival, the Jazz International Festival, the Book Fair, the Humor Festival and the Colorful Myths Festival which fills downtown streets with costumes and parades. 

In any case, strolling the street of Medellin will show plenty of interesting things every step of the way. 'Arví' Regional Park offers beautiful lakes, lush nature and outdoor activities. There is also the option of spending a full afternoon exploring the neighboring hills: Cerros Tutelares, El Volador, La Asomadera, Nutibara, Pan de Azúcar, El Salvador, El Picacho and Santo Domingo.  

Add to your  itinerary the religious sites of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Our Lady of Candelaria Minor Basilica, the Church of the Veracruz and San Antoni's, for a complete tour of the city!

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