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This is the only South American country that possesses coastlines on the Caribbean and the Pacific and its capital is not found near any of them, but rather in the center, over 2.600 meters above sea level surrounded by huge mountains. Here is El Dorado, not exactly the legendary golden city, but Colombia's most important international airport, and major gateway to the city. Once off the plane, a colorful, happy, modern and colonial city opens before the eyes, full of green areas and a wealth of culture.

A good itinerary around the city should include Independence Park, the oldest and most charming. Located amid this great city, the park is an undersized forest that hosts Bogota's Planetarium. The Metropolitan Park or Timiza makes for a wonderful ride on a navigable lake and a walk around the sports areas. 'Simon Bolívar' Metropolitan Park features bike paths, an Aquarium, the Artisans Square, the Botanical Garden, amusement parks, a beautiful lake, the Coliseum, the Children's Museum and a modern infrastructure for the practice of sports.

La Florida, Sauzalito, San Andrés, El Tunal, Primero de Mayo, San Cristóbal and Santander are other outstanding parks to enjoy outdoor activities and relaxation.            

Bogotá has everything to welcome travelers, from affordable simple accommodation to 5-star hotels. The Old Town not only hosts great examples of colonial architecture, but also several areas devoted to art, culture, shopping and entertainment such as the Park on 93rd, "Zone C" and Primero de Mayo Avenue.

There is also the choice of the tourist steam train to take a tour around the discotheques at La Calera, the underground Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá, the new Panaca-Sabana Park and Sopó zoo, Tequendama waterfall, 'Piedras del Tunjo de Facatativá' archeological center, Guatavita lake and the refreshing resorts at Tolima and Cundinamarca.

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