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The ancient inhabitant of the present Colombian Andes, were the keepers of one of the world's most fascinating legends: the existence of El Dorado. According to the story, gold shined everywhere in this mystical kingdom. Former kings performed a ceremony on the sacred Guatavita Lagoon, in which they were completely covered in gold powder and emeralds and sailed on canoes around the lagoon in order to offer goldern tributes to the gods. The Spanish conquistadors desperately searched for this marvelous city and never found it, but the myth stayed alive and kept on attracting many an explorer. These days, the entire territory of Colombia is a popular destination among all travelers in search of its magic.

The Republic of Colombia, located on the northern end of South America, bound to the narrow Central American isthmus, treasures magnificent scenery distributed in a spectrum of geographical regions: the Caribbean coastline, the Pacific coastline, the Andes, the flatlands and the Amazon basin. These lands not only produce the world reknowned Colombian coffee and emeralds, but also several other intangible riches such as its amazing cultural diversity. 

Bogotá is the capital of this country which owes its name to America's discoverer, Christopher Columbus. Before the Spanish arrival, Colombia was inhabited by the Chibcha, Carib and Arawak civilizations, which left their mark on the country's cultures and traditions. Cartagena de Indias would rise to prominence during the colonial era as a chief port, transformed nowadays into one of the main travel destinations.

Literature masterpieces such as those written by Gabriel García Márquez along with music by performers such as Shakira, influence beyond the national borders.  Colombia is an extraordinary world of beautiful beaches and islets, a prodigious natural haven dominated from the heights by the Andean condor, exquisite hodge-podge and tamales, impressive architecture such as the gothic sanctuary at Las Lajas in Ipiales and interesting cities like Cali, Barranquilla, Medellin and Santa Marta.                  

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