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Bonito, Brazil

Bonito is the capital of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul and owes its name to the beauty of its landscapes, caves, waterfalls and natural fish ponds. Bonito sits in between the Bodoquena Sierra and Miranda´s Depression in Mato Grosso do Sul, within easy access to Campo Grande (280 km), the capital of the State. Its tropical climate features a 25 degree yearly average temperature.

Bonito was far from a tourist attraction until 1990, when the local landowners started to open the doors to ecological tourism. Nowadays, in spite of its popularity among Brazilians, the numbers of foreign visitors still runs low, though experiencing a steady increase. 

Bonito offers its visitors many different types of recreational activities, largely related to eco-tourism: excursions for flora and fauna observation, the practice of nature-related sports, visit to the local haciendas, sightseeing around waterfalls and lakes, plus the possibility to explore its more than 80 caves. There are all sorts of caves: dry or submerged in water, for the observation of impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Bonito Main Attractions

Blue Lake Cave, Bonito, Brazil

Abysmo Blue Lake Cavern

A 126m-deep cavern, situated within the Hacienda Anhumas. Witness a dazzling spectacle in the mornings when the sun´s rays penetrate the cavern and reflect on the deep blue water, forming a cloud of vapor complete with rainbow. This is complemented by the reflection of stalactites on the water. Some pre-historic animal fossils have been found here, dating back to 10 million years. Rapel into the Anhumas Abyss. This entails descending into a 72m-deep cavern, where you will find an inside lake which offers the possibility of diving. A training session is required the previous day for those interested in this truly unique experience.

"Bahía Bonita" Aquarium

 Is formed by a water creek emanating from the Formoso River, which teems with exotic plants and colorful fish species.

Park das Cachoeiras

Nestled to the interior of one of the haciendas on the Formoso River. It is dotted by several waterfalls, ideal for snorkeling and walks around the surroundings.

Specialties of the local cuisine

More than one delicatessen awaits you in Bonito´s downtown: piranha soup or caiman steak. 


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Abysmo Blue Lake Cavern
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