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Sao Paulo downtown

São Paulo constitutes Brazil´s major economic metropolis and Latin America´s largest city with 20 million inhabitants. Nowadays, it is also considered one of the financial capitals on the continent, and as a large and modern city it has a lot to offer to its visitors.

The 'Paulista' Avenue has become one of the city´s icons, hosting the country´s trading center. It is simply a great walk along this thoroughfare as you stare in amazement at the gigantic skyscrapers.

Sao Paulo welcomed thousands of immigrants from all over the world to make up for the lack of workforce. Today, it hosts the largest Japanese community outside Japan, the third biggest Italian conglomerate, as well as a great number of Spanish and Lebanese among others communities. Sao Paulo is known the world over for its cuisine, the richest and diverse in the whole globe, thanks to these migratory influxes.

Sao Paulo Sights & Attractions

Fine Arts Museum

 Sao Paulo´s Fine Arts Museum, located on the 'Paulista' Avenue, treasures a remarkable collection of masterpieces, as well as temporary exhibits by renowned photographers and painters. It is considered to host the best collection of European masterpieces in Latin America.


The State Art Gallery is a museum that features no less than 4.000 Brazilian paintings from the 19th century to the present.


Nightlife: nightlife in Sao Paulo is one of the most active ever; it offers countless choices for restaurants, bars, pubs, discotheques and cafés for all tastes.


Modern and Contemporary Art Museum: possesses over 5000 paintings of different styles and authors. It often hosts theme exhibits, organizes courses and workshops. This museum is a high profile institution in the whole of Latin America in respect to the Western artistic creation of the 20th century.


Liberdade: is the neighborhood that holds the largest Japanese community in the city. Walking along this area takes you to Little Japan, full of oriental merchandise, Japanese food restaurants and even the typical Japanese lamps illuminating the streets. Sunday is by far one if the best days due to the colorful commercial fair that takes place here.

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