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Praia Pipa Beach Travel Information

Praia Pipa

Praia Pipa is located in the State of Río Grande do Norte, within the region of Tibau do Sul, meaning 'amid two waters', the reason for this is because it is flanked by the Guarairas Lagoon and the Atlantic. Praia Pipa features a peculiar wild beauty, protected by imposing cliffs and sugar-white dunes in deep contrast with the blue coastline. Praia Pipa preserves a natural charm, which attracts the visitor to its peaceful surroundings.

Praia Pipa came to prominence during the 80s when windsurfing fans flocked to its beaches. Many other activities are available here: boat trips, dune-buggy rides, kayaking or even trekking along heavily forested trails. All of this is complemented by a warm hospitality and high-quality services and facilities.

In contrast to the peaceful atmosphere sought after by the visitors during the day, night time is a totally different story at Praia Pipa. Varied and active nightlife lasts until dawn here. There is entertainment and bars for all tastes, from the local 'forró' to house music. 

Praia Pipa lies within an area regarded as a natural reserve due to the region's wealth of flora and fauna. To better explore and witness these wonders, there are guided tours for bird, dolphin and turtle watching.          

The Ecological Sanctuary constitutes the best example, a forested area dotted with lookouts and museums. Guaraíras Lagoon is one of the popular spots, accessible after a half-day pleasant walk. The Ponta do Pirambu is a highly recommended full-day tour going to a combo facility with bars, restaurants, shops, swimming pools and Spa, plus a panoramic elevator that allows a far-reaching view of the beautiful surroundings.

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