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Porto Seguro's beach

Porto Seguro is a city located to the south of the State of Bahía. It´s amazing natural and historical wealth has earned it a UNESCO Natural World Heritage status. Today, this marvelous destination offers more than 90 Km of beaches, complemented by several museums which outline the history of Brazil

Porto Seguro´s colonial heritage and vast beaches have made it a peculiarly beautiful place. Many an old colorful colonial building takes us back to a by-gone era. The city was founded in 1500 by the Portuguese sailor Pedro Alvarez Cabral, and six years later the Jesuits spread around the region and built its first churches.

Porto Seguro´s several beaches fit into different profiles: from crowded and active beaches with plenty of services on offer including music and shops, to lonely and forgotten areas where you can have the place to yourself. Temperature is rather pleasant throughout the year which allows for the full enjoyment of the idyllic beaches anytime.

Porto Seguro is a highly popular tourist destination, both for its beaches and active nightlife: bars, restaurants and live shows. Everybody heads for the 'Passarela do Alcohol´ (Alcohol Passage) in the evenings, a place lined with fruit-decorated stalls that offer their own concocted native drinks. A 'Luau´ is another interesting experience, an outdoor party to the beat of the local music, a perfect occasion for interacting with the culture. 

There is an array of nearby town´s worth of a visit. One of them is Arraial D´Ajuda, just 4 Km away from Porto Seguro. It offers warm beaches and a huge marine park: Paradise Water Park, featuring pools with huge waves and gigantic toboggans. Trancoso is also another choice some 25 Km from Porto Seguro. Apart from its well-preserved Jesuit architecture, it offers 12 Km of crystal-clear beaches and dense lush vegetation.

Porto Seguro´s Municipal Marine Park counts on a permanent preservation area, where it is possible to see16 of the planet´s 18 existing coral species, together with plenty of fish and sea turtles.

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