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Historic Centre of Paraty

Paraty is a lovely colonial town, only recently available for visit after a road access finally came into existence. It lies along the shores of Parati Bay, which is in turn an extension of yet another sea inlet: Angra dos Reis.

The Old Town has already been declared a National Monument. This city was of paramount importance during the 17th century, as the chief port for gold exportation. The churches were all built independently according to the different ethnic groups: Indians, Blacks and Whites. The town has a good deal of Portuguese-styled constructions in some beautiful locations. A 15-minute walk from the town leads to a small fort, whose northern end allows some of the best vistas.

Thanks to its many attractions, Paraty has become a popular tourist destination. Although roads get flooded in spring, the houses remain above the water level. A Traditional Music Festival takes place every year in September.

Most visitors take advantage of daily boat tours around the bay, which usually start at midday and return at 5pm. Insect repellant is strongly recommended. Local goods for sale are available at the Community Center, as well as in the souvenir shop at Santa Rita de Cassia church.

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Paraty, Brazil
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