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Sunset in Manaos

Manaus is the capital of the State of Amazonas and the great jungle´s northern door. The city sits amid the Amazon forests and is home to 48% of the state´s population.

Manaus was founded in the 17th century and began with the construction of the Fort of Sao José de Barra to protect the settlement from Portugal´s rival armies. In the early 20th century, Manaus became northern Brazil´s chief cultural metropolis, thanks to the riches produced by the gum industry. During the so-called 'Gum Rush', the gum lords wanted to turn the city into the 'Paris of the Tropics'. The old and luxurious mansions still stand to tell the tale of those days.

Manaus Attractions

Amazonas Theater: stands as an icon of the region´s Golden Age, frequented by famous European performers. Its façade is made up of English stones, Italian marble and French tiles. The main nave can accommodate up to 640 spectators. It is best recognized for its mosaic dome.

"The meeting of the two waters" lays close by the city, and refers to the meeting point between the Rivers Negro and Solimões, which creates an impressive sight, with one side a brownish colour, and other side black. The waters do not mix for several kilometers due to different temperatures, current speed, and river depth. This is the birthplace of the Amazon River and it is often possible to see dolphins swimming around. 

The building that hosts the Municipal Market, gives the visitor the opportunity to admire its Art Noveau style, as well as to extol in the colors and flavors of the local products. The Justice Palace proudly expresses French architecture and the Río Negro Palace, the former seat of the State Administration really deserves a visit.

The forest of the National Research Institute of the Amazonia represents the perfect place for those interested in the natural wealth of this region, for it features a botanical garden and a zoo.

Another good choice is to visit Ponta Negra Beach, located 13 Km from downtown Manaus, and surrounded by an amazing landscape set in contrast with its dark waters.

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Amazonas Theater
Manaos, Brazil
Manaos, Brazil
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