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Capital city of the State of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis is an island linked to the continent by the famous Hercilio Luz Bridge. Florianopolis is a renowned holiday destination, as it possesses 42 beautiful beaches, a big lagoon, golden sand dunes and several islets. The beaches are all different from each other and offer many activities for the visitor. Although Florianopolis is the major city on the island, every beach features its own downtown with shops, houses, hotels and restaurants.

Attractions & Beaches

Public Market: created a long way back in 1898, this is a highly historical and picturesque area.


Victor Meirelles Museum: Victor Meirelles was a famous Brazilian painter. The museum occupies his former home and shows the painter´s life through a collection of personal items.

Praia Brava

Playa Brava: this one of the favorite spots for surfers due to its big waves and the fact that it faces the open ocean. It is commonly frequented anytime of the year and features a good infrastructure.

Canasvieiras: is a popular and crowded beach. There are numerous hotels and restaurants here, plus a very busy shopping mall full of attractions and activities for the visitors. The sea is rather calm in this spot.

Ilha do Campeche: considered to be an important natural and historical heritage site. The access is only possible by boat from the nearby beaches. Waters are crystal-clear, ideal for snorkeling. One of the available tours goes to the other end of the island to the cliffs that overlook the open ocean, where several aboriginal rock paintings have survived the test of time.

Praia da Armaçao: located to the southern side of the island, this a more remote beach, surrounded by dense vegetation and a rough sea.

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