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Canoa Quebrada Travel Information

Canoa Quebrada

The town of Canoa Quebrada lies barely 175 km from Fortaleza. It is an ancient fishing village, dragged into the tourist industry in the mid 70s by a troop of hippies.

Canoa Quebrada features a startling landscape: a stunning view over the turquoise blue ocean, the golden sand dunes and red-colored cliffs along the beach. Sailing on the fishing boats, horse riding, kite-surfing, capoeira and eco-trekking are some of the available activities in this paradisiacal spot, but above all, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that pervades this picturesque village.

Broadway Street is the place to taste the regional cuisine. The street is also lined with bars, restaurants and night clubs. Main courses range from lobster, fish, manta ray, shrimps, crabs to roast meat.

After a good meal, those interested in music and drinks should hit Northeast Broadway. This is the area to sway to the contagious rhythm called 'Forró' and 'Axé' rock tunes. But the highlight here is the sunrise at the beach.

Canoa Quebrada has come to be known as a destination for backpackers after the premiere of the movie 'Les Gabruges', filmed some decades ago. From this moment on, people from all over the world knew about Canoa Quebrada, and some even moved here to live with the natives. Canoa Quebrada became the Hippie Paradise of the 1970s, but now caters for anyone looking for a great vacation spot.

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Canoa Quebrada, fishing village
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