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Bay of Marajó

The city of Belem lies within the boundaries of the State of Para, embraced by the Bay of Marajó to the north and the Guamá River on its southern limits. This town features several squares, green areas, parks and gardens. Belem offers a wide range of activities for every visitor, both cultural and ecological. Belem has also come to be known as 'Cidade das Mangueiras' (City of Mango Trees), because of the abundance of this fruit in the area.   

Belem is also surrounded by around 55 islets, some of which are partially inhabited while others are completely devoid of human presence. The Islet of Mosqueiro came to prominence due to the 14 fresh-water beaches, while the Islet of Catateua also is known for its beaches. These two islets are popular in summertime. The Islet of Tatuoca is also worthy of mention, for it hosts the only Geodesic Station in Latin America. 

Belem Attractions

Local and Ferro Markets

Offer a great deal of local crafts, aromatic herbs and many other regional produce.


Islet of Marajó

This is the world's largest fluvial-maritime islet. The Tacontins River separates it from Belem. A unique phenomenon takes place here: the 'Pororoca', which is the formation of gigantic waves as a result of the clash between the waters of the Amazon River and the sea. The islet is also famous for its large herds of buffaloes and fine crafts.


The city's architecture is marked by Portuguese and French influences. The Círio of Nazaré is a yearly festivity that takes place on October's second Sunday and attracts visitors from all over the country. It pays homage to the State's Patron Saint  "Our Lady of Nazaré".


"Emilio Goeldi" Museum

Is a research center for the flora and fauna of the Amazonia region.

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Belem, Brazil
Marajo Island in Belem, Brazil
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