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The planet's largest salt flats lie in Bolivia, whose 12.000 km˛ are shared by the departments of Potosí and Oruro. Here is the home of the Uyuni salt mine which originated as a result of the sea withdrawing, leaving a vast and endless white plateau. Lake Titicaca, el Poopo and other minor salt flats emerged this same way, whimsically created by nature.

You have to be ready to begin the adventure. Getting to know the landmarks (hills) to find your bearings, maps, compass and even a GPS will be key equiptments to avoid getting lost in this white dessert. Don't ever try in summertime, the rains flood the area. Finally, be tough to withstand the climate and the sensation of loneliness amid this void. Best bet: take a tour!

Colchani is the village where the salt is mined for comercial use. It is interesting to see the process it takes to finally obtain the precious mineral from the earth and refine it. There is a curious salt-built hotel nearby to stay in, even the furniture is made of salt.

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