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The paleontological vestiges of Cal Orko

It is understandable that nobody would want to leave Bolivia without first buying one of the colorful wool hats, some 'ekeko' figure or a score of other souvenirs and items of clothing, while strolling along the historical streets of Sucre.

The capital city of the namesake district was founded in 1540 and soon became a cultural center. Today, this is not its only asset, but also the incredible preservation of its colonial legacy reflected in the old town's architecture: the '25 de Mayo' Square, the Metropolitan Cathedral and its Museum, Santa Clara Museum, the Virgin of Guadalupe Chapel and La Recoleta.

Several other traces of the past survive in the outskirts of cultural Sucre, this time in the form of paleontological vestiges spread along Cal Orko. This is an amazing place that shows over 5.000 fossilized footprints from different dinosaur species.

The Seven Waterfalls are a breath-taking scenery made up by seven waterfalls of different heights, around which a relaxing observation and rest spot has been created barely 7 km outside the city of Sucre.

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Visiting the streets of Sucre
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